Is Google listening to every word you say?

Imagine my surprise when, directly following a conversation about ants on the floor, I Googled the term “content optimisation” Right there at the top of the search was an article about “ant colony optimization” Needless to say I was quite shocked.

There has been a lot of media hype recently about the ability of Google to listen to everything you say via the microphone on your computer. The idea is that you say “OK Google” to start a voice search and Google will then search for your request without you having to type. Hmm sounds useful, but doesn’t that mean that Google will have to listen to everything you say? Yes it does.

Google listening can be switched on and off, with access to your microphone denied or granted by changing a setting in Chrome. I knew that I had access denied but thought I would check and sure enough it was set to deny access to my microphone.

May be it is just a coincidence but it has really got me thinking.

Have you checked your settings?

Have you had a similar experience?

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