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Orwell Computers
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by Rachel on Orwell Computers
From: Woodbridge

Straightforward, trustworthy and completely reliable. Robin empathetically dealt with 2 non technical people taking us through an 'MOT' he gave our Macbooks. The result was hugely improved functionality and a stop to endless sudden crashes.... we'll get some more life out of them yet. Thank you Robin!

by Steve Hayward-Jones on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Being from a technical background and previously building my own PCs, when my iMac hard disk failed I thought, no problem, I'll get this sorted... Reading into the in and outs of the process to replace this I soon realised this would be out of my depth! Quick Google of local businesses who fix Macs and Orwell Computers came up, plus had good reviews. From starting to deal with Robin and until completion of the work was a breeze and I found the whole process easy, great communication, advice was spot on and extremely happy with the outcome of my iMac up and running once again. I highly recommend using Robin, even if you think you can fix the complex build of an Apple machine, it's not worth the risk - use an expert, which I clearly did. Thank you.

by Pete Matthews on Orwell Computers
From: Kirton

We had a completely dead iMac, after a power surge, and feared the worst! Had to wait a couple of weeks, but I guess that was shear volume of work, probably due to the lockdown. Booking system works really well, and once our iMac was with Robin, he had it sorted in a couple of days. He even sourced a second hand power supply, as a new unit was on a couple of weeks back order. Having an assistant head teacher, and two kids home schooling, we were keen to get it back. We got a 1 Tb SSD installed at the same time - much quicker now!

Cheers Robin 🙂

by Russell on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

I had an old Mac mini 2014 sitting in a cupboard and wondered if a SSD drive would bring it back to life. I messaged Robin and he very was very helpful and clear with options and likely results.

The “new” Mac mini is better than new - not an understatement. And Robin has provided outstanding service throughout, he also fixed a corrupt user ID I was suffering with.

So if you suffer with HDD get a SSD - from Robin!


by Adam Moore on Orwell Computers
From: Colchester

Robin talked me through my options for upgrading my computer and delivered a fantastic service from start to finish. I’ll be using his services again in the future, trusting his advice and recommending others without hesitation.

by Alastair on Orwell Computers
From: First Strokes Swim

We have been using Orwell Computers for over 7 years and are consistently happy with Robin's services. He is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Macs and is willing to assist on any issues we have. An office visit is very convenient and all our machines were serviced and working far better than they were before. It is always good to talk to an expert. Thanks Robin!

by Tris on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Robin did a fantastic job, was genuine and didn’t try to suggest extras which would not have made a difference. I’ve got a mid year 2012 MacBook Pro and it runs Catalina like a new MacBook! Very pleased and would use again. Was concerned about giving my macbook to someone I had never met for security reasons and he was happy to do the repair at my house. Really nice guy, thanks robin.

by Clive Johnstone on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Great service by Robin. Got me out of a sticky situation when my iMac was limping along with a hard drive issue. All replaced with a new drive and working very well. Five stars indeed.

by Alex on Orwell Computers
From: Sheffield

Excellent service and very reasonable costs. Our I Mac (which we had considered scrapping), is now running far better than when it was new. Highly recommended.

by Dave on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Absolutely excellent service. I can't thank Robin enough for his professionalism, prompt (and effective) repair and for his sage advice.

by Will on Orwell Computers
From: Wickham Market

Excellent service. Prompt and efficient. Solved a difficult problem quickly.

by Dr. S. J. Perks on Orwell Computers
From: Woodbridge

My God! The man is incredible. I have used his considerable skills to keep me 'on the road' writing for over three years now and each time he is a GODSEND. Without his knowledge, skill and speedy working, I would be in a deep dark cyber hole. Not only does he clean dust and grime of a year's travel away from my keyboard, but he evicts any glitches or nasty stuff. He recently identified that my main workhorse software was not only out of date, but about to die at any time. This would spell disaster for my money tree, which would wither and fade away. Not only did he help me make a good decision about what to do, but he took me through buying and installing a newer, better, faster version and then after a few days, checked to see if I was ok. This is care beyond. It makes one feel good and not stupid at encountering problems as I have often found with such individuals. He is modest, gentle, thoughtful, kind and above all, KNOWLEDGABLE about Macs. p.s. He also keeps my partner's Mac on the go, clean of trojans and other nasty things. Thank you.

by Stan on Orwell Computers
From: Waldringfield

My hard used 5 year old mac 27" had slowed down to snail's pace. Robin quickly diagnosed a failing hard drive
The machine was delivered back to the house the next day with a new SSD and now works perfectly.
Great service and money well spent

by Michael Peck on Orwell Computers
From: Laxfield

Had hard drive malfunction on my Macbook, so contacted Robin using local recommendations. Met a very civilised gentleman, in very civilised location. Left Macbook with him, and collected it 2 days later, fitted with a new hard drive of increased capacity, plus a back-up device of equal capacity. All done at a very reasonable price, and as I'm a numpty with computers, concise and clear help given! What price 'peace of mind', Thank You Robin.

by Andy Austin on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Robin provided a first class service in repairing our 27in Mac and it didn't even leave the house. Would highly recommend Robin.
Very pleased with the service.

by Claire on Orwell Computers
From: Felixstowe

I received a really great service from Robin, quickly diagnosed the problem. Quick turn around for replacing my imac hardrive and its now working better than ever! I will definately contact Robin again should I have any other issues with my Apple products. Thanks for a great service!

by Mark Acland on Orwell Computers
From: Willisham

2nd time of using Robin, though several years apart and different problem , very quick diagnoises and turn around of Imac for repair ,very happy yet again with clear friendly service and advice.Imac back to working well .

by Claire on Orwell Computers
From: Woodbridge

Really brilliant service. Robin came to my house and fixed several problems in one go. I’m not very tech savvy, but he explained things clearly and with patience! Very happy customer !

by Gione da Silva on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Robin is a super star! Such a great and quick turn around service! We are a long time customers and are happy to rely on Robin anytime we have problems with our machines. Saved us a lot of money in upgrades! Could not recommend his service enough! Top man!

by Malcolm on Orwell Computers
From: Kesgrave

Robin arrived on site as promised. Fixed the reported problem and then made some performance improvements To my mac book air. So far so good. A job well done !

by Peter Hibberd on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

I was very happy to take Robin's advice about upgrades to my Mac Book Pro. It's now working faster than when new at a fraction of the cost. It was an efficient service and Robin was easy to meet.

by Richard on Orwell Computers
From: Keeling

Very happy with efficiency and repairs. Would recommend using Robin

by Ross on Orwell Computers
From: Ross Dean Photography

After a fantastic experience on my last visit, I knew I had to check in again with Robin recently when I needed some advice regarding how to next upgrade my machine.

Robin was able to advise on the best machine for my needs and budget and not only was he able to put me in touch with a supplier, he also then come over to install the unit himself.

Fantastic service all round - Thanks again Robin!

by Tanya Bradbury on Orwell Computers
From: Laxfield

My 2012 MacBook Pro is now purring along thanks to Robins upgrade. In fact it runs better than it did when it was new! Five stars for a five star service.

by Nick on Orwell Computers
From: d p agency

Excellent. A business iMac was horribly slow, we were recommended to Robin who arrived as per on-line appointment & after discussion we opted to replace the hard drive with a new SSD. All done at our office within an hour. Absolutely flying now! Genuine & knowledgeable service. First class

by Elizabeth Parker on Orwell Computers
From: Needham Market

What a refreshing change to meet someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Was fed up with people who profess to be "experts" charge a fortune and have a very low level of knowledge (Was an IT Tech support for over 20 years)

Robin does "what it says on the tin", prompt, courteous, knowledgeable , no fuss, just gets on with it all at very reasonable rates. No hesitation in recommending his services to anyone!

by Darius Laws on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Great service from start to finish. Replaced my failing hard drive for SSD and now my MacBook is working perfectly. Very reasonable price too. Highly recommended.

by Stephen on Orwell Computers
From: Kesgrave

Fantastically quick and professional service. By the time I got home I had an email confirming the issue and the suggested solution. Next day it was ready for collection.

Two months later and it’s working even better that when it was first bought 5 years ago!

Highly recommend Orwell Computers.

by John C on Orwell Computers
From: Woodbridge

Friendly and informative service. Highly recommended.

by Justin Spinney on Orwell Computers
From: Bath

Fast, friendly, good communication, competitive price, and most importantly, a top class repair. What more could you want? 100% recommended.

by Fran on Orwell Computers
From: Woodbridge

Excellent and efficient service. Straightforward explanations and sensible prices. I would definitely go to Robin for help again and recommend Orwell Computers without hesitation.

by Gary Hoddy on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Excellent support plus knowledge about options, very fast and great prices for his work,

I have used Robin twice and will continue to do so as needed.

by Stephen on Orwell Computers
From: Martlesham

Having sorted my own mac a few months ago Robin recently rejuvenated my wife’s 27 inch Mac. Now much faster and quieter. Very helpful speedy service. No hesitation in recommending Orwell computers.

by Gavin Frost on Orwell Computers
From: Frost-Air Ltd

Excellent, highly recommended.

by Adam Reason on Orwell Computers
From: Reason Cars

Excellent service and communication, very helpful. I would definitely recommend Robin

by Dennis Lindridge on Orwell Computers
From: Electric Ink

I've been in business for decades (Electric Ink). I'd have no hesitation recommending Robin. I've been with Macs since the IIX - I know them, but Robin knows them better. He's good, reliable, and keenly priced. This, along with his confidentiality, speaks volumes. Proceed with confidence and assuredness - highly recommended.

by Orwell Computers on Orwell Computers
From: Graeme

Reassuring, prompt and professional service. Great to be helped out of a massive hole that opens up when your iMac stops working!

by Rebecca on Orwell Computers

Excellent service, very pleased

by Lucy McVeigh on Orwell Computers
From: Lucy McVeigh

Top notch service. Highly recommend!

by James on Orwell Computers
From: Nixon

Super fast service, finished same day. Robin was very friendly, super helpful and gave us a really good deal. Apple wanted to charge nearly 4x the amount and would have taken two weeks!

Thanks again - James.

by Geoff C. on Orwell Computers
From: Ipswich

Great service


Friendly and helpful

by Tom Rees on Orwell Computers
From: TR Design & Print Limited

I approached Robin, having known of him for years (knowing that one day I would most definitely need his help should any of our iMac or MacBooks go wrong) and that day came... Both an iMac and MacBook needed a battery and SSD replacing, I dropped both Macs of to Robins workshop in the morning and had them both back by 4PM the same working day! Highly recommend Robin. Thanks for helping us out! We cannot function without them.

by Michele W on Orwell Computers

Great service ! Super fast, efficient and courteous.

Thank you so much Robin, my Imac now works like new.

Would absolutely recommend.

by Cherry on Orwell Computers
From: Simply C Photography

Nothing is ever a problem for Robin. A call from a damsel in distress (me) and Robin reassuringly and calmly helped me instantly. I always know that no one knows more than Robin and if anyone can Robin can...

by Harrison Carter on Orwell Computers
From: Harrison Carter

I thought my IT request was unsolvable, so did previous advice, but Robin found me a solution in minutes after talking the situation through. His advice is clear and jargon free, something all IT services should strive for.

Fantastically talented and very approachable; highly recommended.

by Rick on Orwell Computers

Robin diagnosed my issue over the phone which impressed me! I then followed up with an appointment, the iMac now runs like a dream. Great service and one very happy customer; highly recommended.

by David Baker on Orwell Computers
From: Kelsale..

5 starts just doesn't get close to rating Robin's knowledge and service, he even hung around after his working hours so I could collect too..

Thanks Robin.. 🙂

by Charmaine on Orwell Computers
From: Melton Woodbridge

Very speedy repair to my iMac and reasonably priced. Will definitely be using Robin again for computer repairs

by Benji on Orwell Computers
From: Ben Holden LTD

A great experience getting my Mac upgraded & brought up to date - its now super fast and like brand new! No hesitations about using Robin again. Highly recommended!!

by Anna on Orwell Computers

Brilliant, just brilliant - quick response, fast turnaround on the repair, Mac now working better than before and door to door service, what more could you need! Highly recommend.

Thank you.

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