Mac repair in Woodbridge

If you are looking for someone to help with Mac repair and upgrades in The Woodbridge area, I can help.

You can be assured that your Mac is in the safest possible hands with an Apple Certified Support Professional who only works on Macs. I don’t have a team of technicians and will personally work with you to solve your Mac issues.

I am an Apple certified Support Professional based at Felixstowe Ferry. Which means I can easily pick your Mac up and drop it off in the Woodbridge area. I can normally have it fixed for you within a day or 2.

If you prefer, you can drop your Mac off to me at Felixstowe Ferry.

You can find more information on the main Mac repair page.

Woodbridge area pickup

IF you are outside of my working area and would like to drop your Mac off in Woodbridge, I can meet you there.
Book an appointment, or get in touch by clicking the button below.

Mac repair reviews from Woodbridge

What will my Mac repair cost?

You’ll get a fixed price quote for your repair

Labour is from £95 to a maximum of £150.
Diagnosis only is £55 (not chargeable if you have your Mac repaired)
There is no VAT payable.

Diagnosis isn’t expensive

If you decide not to go ahead with a repair there is just a diagnosis fee of £55.

I’m guessing you’d like your Mac repaired as soon as possible

The quickest way to get your Mac repaired…

Make an appointment and you can drop your Mac off in Felixstowe – or I can collect it from Woodbridge. I will look at it that day and hopefully have it fixed within a day.

Nothing is sent away for repair

Unlike Apple – who are likely to send your Mac away for 5-7 days – your Mac will be repaired in my workshop by me.

Can you trust me with your Mac?

Well – 433 reviewers say you can…

100% of those 433 people gave a 5 star review. Read what they thought on the review page and Google.

Apple thinks you can…

I am an Apple certified support professional. So you can relax knowing that you’ve got an Apple trained specialist on the job.