How much does it cost to get your Mac fixed?

Quite frankly - I'm not the cheapest - but you do get what you pay for:

Your Mac will only be worked on by an Apple certified technician, so you can be assured it is in safe hands.

You can drop your Mac off for repair in Felixstowe.

Your Mac will be fixed as quickly as possible - generally in 1-2  days.

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"no fuss, just gets on with it all at very reasonable rates"
"Excellent and efficient service. Straightforward explanations and sensible prices"
"He's good, reliable, and keenly priced"
"... gave us a really good deal. Apple wanted to charge nearly 4x the amount and would have taken two weeks"
"Very speedy repair to my iMac and reasonably priced"

"Great service and money well spent"

You'll get a fixed price quote for your Mac repair

Repair costs are quoted at a fixed price so there is no risk of the bill getting out of hand. Labour costs are from £95  to a maximum of £125. 

Diagnosis isn't expensive

If a repair isn't feasible, or you decide not to go ahead, there is a diagnosis fee of £75.

I am not VAT registered so these are the final prices you pay.

These prices will give you an idea of what I charge for common jobs

  • Diagnosis only - £75
  • labour only repair - £95 to £125 max
  • Consultancy and iCloud work - £40/hr
  • Mac performance tune up - £95
  • SSD upgrade - from £170
  • iMac 2012+ hard drive replacement - from £200
  • iMac 2011 hard drive replacement - from £205
  • iMac 2009/10 hard drive replacement - from £190
  • iMac 2009 hard drive replacement - from £160
  • Macbook Pro <2013 hard drive replacement - from £150
  • Mac time machine setup - FREE with other work
  • Data recovery and transfer - from £75
The above Mac repair costs are completely inclusive of parts and labour with no hidden extras. For anything not listed call on 01473 530135

More detailed prices and options for iMac repair and upgrades can be found in this blog article.

Trust an Apple certified professional, and get your Mac repaired properly.