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Why an SSD upgrade makes sense for your Mac

Mac SSD upgrade

Why an SSD upgrade makes sense for your MacIf your Mac doesn’t have a factory fitted SSD, then this the best value upgrade you can make.Prices have come down hugely and it now makes more sense than ever to fit an SSD instead of a hard drive in your Mac.Read on to find out why… […]

MacBook repair – your questions answered…

MacBook repairs – 8 of your questions answered…MacBooks used to almost always be economically repairable but that has changed unfortunately. On 2012 and earlier models that don’t have Retina screens, most things can still be fixed but the later Retina models are a different story. The screen became part of the lid and the keyboard, […]

Is Google listening to every word you say?

Imagine my surprise when, directly following a conversation about ants on the floor, I Googled the term “content optimisation” Right there at the top of the search was an article about “ant colony optimization” Needless to say I was quite shocked. There has been a lot of media hype recently about the ability of Google […]

A quick and easy way to open any application on a Mac

Apple has blessed you with many ways of opening an application. You can put an icon in the dock which you just click on. If that icon is not present all the time  you can add it by long clicking, pressing control and clicking or right clicking the dock icon and selecting options>keep in dock. […]

iMac Hard Drive Replacement

iMac hard drive

iMac hard drive failure and replacement A really common problem on iMacs unfortunately as a large amount of heat is generated inside that nice sleek aluminium housing. This heat is a big enemy of hard drives and will cause earlier failure than is normal. The situation is not helped by ingress of dust into the […]

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

Apple Mac backup

Probably one of the most beneficial and useful applications that comes bundled with your Mac, but the least utilised. Time Machine is a brilliant tool, you just need to use it. Imagine if you could go back in time to just a little bit before you accidentally deleted a file. Imagine if your hard drive […]

Apple certified support – without going to an Apple store

How fast would you like your Mac repaired? If you have broken your Mac, there are a couple of things that spring to mind – how much and how long? Orwell Computers addresses both of these questions and answers them quickly for you with an appointment based repair system. It’s pretty unique in the computer repair […]

Orwell Computers is now on the road

Ipswich base of Orwell Computers

Update – 1 January 2019 I am now working on the road to repair Macs in homes and offices in the Ipswich, Felixstowe, and Woodbridge areas. If you prefer, you can still book an appointment to meet me at Basepoint Business Centre, The Havens, Ransomes Europark Ipswich. This is by appointment only as I don’t […]