A quick and easy way to open any application on a Mac

Open any application easily using spotlightApple has blessed you with many ways of opening an application. You can put an icon in the dock which you just click on. If that icon is not present all the time  you can add it by long clicking, pressing control and clicking or right clicking the dock icon and selecting options>keep in dock. Do this when you have already opened the application and it’s icon is automatically on the dock.

This is one of many methods, but my all time favourite is using Spotlight, the Apple search facility. Simply press cmd and then the space bar which will open a search window. You can then just type the first few letters of the app and then press enter. Whilst this may seem a bit awkward the first few times, you will soon get used to it and probably never visit the applications folder again. It can be used for searching for anything on your mac.