MacBook repair – your questions answered…

MacBooks since 2020 are fully repairable by technicians other than Apple. These are the Apple Silicon models. I can get parts directly from Apple and repairs are authorised and configured by Apple. Warranty is not affected.

1 – Does Apple fix MacBooks?

Yes they do, and for certain repairs and situations they are my recommended option. They do not work on Macs that are over 5 years old though. Call for advice.

2 – How long do MacBook repairs take?

Most repairs I undertake are complete within 1 – 2 days.

If you opt to get Apple to repair your MacBook, it will either be repaired in the shop or sent off for 5-7 days. This is the case for iStore in Ipswich, Stormfront in Bury and the Apple store in Norwich or Cambridge.

If you call Apple support for help, be prepared to spend a few hours on the phone. The support is often good but they have procedure and scripts to go through. It can be pretty frustrating to spend 3 hours on the phone to then be told you need to take it to a repairer. However that could be quicker than Your Mac being sent away for 5-7 days.

If you do go down the Apple route make sure you have a backup as they tend to erase the data and you get an empty machine back.

3 – How much does it cost to repair a MacBook?

From £95 to a maximum of £150 for labour.

If you go to iStore in Ipswich the labour cost is a standard £90 fee. This is applicable even if you just have a diagnosis. Parts are charged on top. 

4 – What do you do if your MacBook gets wet?

There are a few dos and don’ts if you get your MacBook wet. Speed is of the essence for a MacBook repair with water damage.

  • Unplug the charger from your MacBook immediately and do not plug it in again
  • Switch off your MacBook immediately by holding the power button down. Do not turn Your MacBook on again – even just to try it
  • If the water went in the top of your Mac, open the lid fully and turn it upside down
  • If your MacBook is switched off, do not switch it on
  • Get your MacBook to a repairer as quick as possible

Your chances of recovery and/or repair are considerably higher if you follow these simple rules.Of course we are all human and the temptation to just try it will be nagging you. Try and resist this as you really are reducing the chances of your MacBook being repairable.Water, electricity and sensitive electronics really don’t mix. Removing the electricity is paramount.

5 – Can you repair a MacBook with water damage?

If damage has occurred to the logic board, which is the main circuit board, it will need replacing or repairing. Replacement costs are normally prohibitively high.

It is possible to repair MacBook logic boards but that is not something I do as the repairs are often unreliable. There are people that specialise in this but I don’t have any that I can recommend.

6 – Can Apple repair water damaged MacBooks?

Apple will diagnose the MacBook for you and generally quote you for a Logic board, and often a keyboard. It is rare that this is economically worth doing.

In short – yes they will repair your MacBook – but at a high price.

iStore in Ipswich will be able to diagnose for you but expect a 5-7 day turnaround.

7 – How much does it cost to repair a MacBook Screen in the UK?

If your MacBook is from 2020 or newer I can get replacement screens directly from Apple. The cost is between £400 and £500 in total. This is slightly cheaper than Apple and will also be faster.

If you have a 2019 model your only option for a repair with genuine parts is to go direct to Apple.

If your MacBook is newer than 2012 and older than 2020, it will need the whole lid replacing. These are not available from Apple and I can’t repair it I’m afraid.

There is one other option that I cannot recommend. There are fake copies and refurbished lids available. These are generally of poor quality and I have known them to destroy MacBooks. They are available on eBay if you want to take the risk. I will not fit them, but there are other repairers who will. It is an economical option if you are lucky. They are often offered as “Genuine and new” when they aren’t. If it’s cheaper than Apple will charge for the complete repair then beware.

8 – How much does it cost to repair a MacBook keyboard and can you do it?

This is a repair I can carry out on 2020 and newer Apple Silicon models. The keyboard is part of the whole top-case and is not designed to be replaced separately. Total cost is around £400 – £500, which is slightly cheaper than Apple. The part comes direct from Apple and the repair is authorised by Apple.

If you have a 2019 model your only option for a repair with genuine parts is to go direct to Apple.

For MacBooks that aren’t Apple Silicon, and are older than 2019, there are no genuine parts available and I will not fit fake or refurbished.

Beware of people offering “genuine Apple” separate keyboards. They do not exist.


Hopefully that has answered your MacBook repair question. If not leave a comment below and I will answer it for you.

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  1. Hi …hope you help please: I have an early 2013 Macpro 13” …yesterday it stopped charging i.e. the mag power cord magnetic socket does not light up, no green or red light. I’ve tried holding down buttons to reset but no joy… if you can offer advice/fix that would be great.

    NB I too was at Basepoint for some time and am sure on the same floor but never met …recently left. Very happy to meet there.

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