Why you should upgrade your iMac to SSD?


Robin Cassells

  • If your iMac doesn’t have a factory fitted SSD (solid state drive), then this the best value upgrade you can make to your Mac.
  • Prices have come down and it makes more sense than ever to fit an SSD instead of a hard drive in your iMac.
  • An iMac SSD upgrade will make your iMac much faster.
  • With the exception of the 2021 models, all iMacs can be upgraded to an SSD.

How much does an iMac SSD upgrade cost?

It varies from model to model and what size SSD you want. All upgrade prices are fully inclusive and benefit from the following:

  • Samsung or Crucial SSD
  • Full service
  • Data transfer or new operating system
  • Any operating system issues fixed
  • Collection and return in the Ipswich area

Select the year of your iMac to see the prices for different sized SSDs.

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How much faster will my iMac be with an SSD upgrade?

A lot faster is the simple answer.

The time it takes for your iMac to start up will be reduced dramatically.
The time to open applications and save files is much faster too.
The whole experience of using your iMac will be much faster and more responsive.

Using your iMac will be much closer to the experience of using a new iMac. Not the same – but getting pretty close.

How long does it take to upgrade an iMac to SSD?

The work to change from hard drive to SSD takes a bit less than an hour and then the data gets transferred from your old drive to the new SSD. The time this takes will vary depending on how much you have stored. Generally it will all be done in 1-2 days.

Are there any disadvantages to an iMac SSD upgrade?

There is a myth that SSDs last longer than a hard drive and this is not strictly true. An SSD has a limited number of reads and writes but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fail in a hurry. Most SSDs have a 3 year warranty  which is longer than a hard drive.
In the event of a drive failure it is unlikely that data will be recoverable so a backup is essential. But then you should be backing up anyway.

Are there any other advantages besides making my iMac faster?

Speed is the biggest advantage by a long way, but there are a few other advantages:
-An SSD will be cooler than a hard drive
-An SSD is quieter than a hard drive
-An SSD uses less energy
-These are not huge advantages but they do add to the speed advantage and -make an SSD a great option for your iMac.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    Just looking at this post about using an SSD, and wondering about the advantages / disadvantages of fitting an internal SSD vs booting from an external SSD drive connected using Thunderbolt port? Currently have no issues with internal HDD in iMac A1418 (21.5, Late 2013, 8Gb RAM) and curious about the pros/cons of using an external SSD as my boot drive?



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