Your Ipswich iMac repair & upgrade specialist...

Your Ipswich iMac repair & upgrade specialist...

Rated 5 star by 433 people in Suffolk

Get your iMac repaired or upgraded by an Apple certified specialist in Ipswich...

Are you looking for an alternative to Apple, but still want the security of using an Apple Certified Support Professional?

Would you rather not send your Mac to Apple for a 7-10 day repair time?

Is your Mac a free standing all-in-one desktop computer - an iMac?

Then I can help...

  • You can drop your iMac off for repair in Felixstowe
  • I can come and collect your iMac in Ipswich or Felixstowe
  • Your iMac will normally be repaired or upgraded in 1-2 days

I specialise in iMac repairs and upgrades including SSD upgrades, Memory upgrades and bigger hard drives. 

I no longer repair the hardware on MacBooks as it is generally better, and cheaper for you to have it fixed by Apple. An exception to this is the 2012 or older 13" MacBook Pro - these are very repairable and upgradeable.

Can you trust me with your iMac?

Well - 433 reviewers say you can

100% of those 433 people gave a 5 star review. Read what they thought on the review page, as well as on Facebook and Google+.

Apple thinks you can

I am an Apple certified support professional. So you can relax knowing that you’ve got an Apple trained specialist on the job. 

Vicky  Azure Marketing

I don't think you could find a more honest, down-to-earth person to work on your Mac...

Honestly, I don't think you could find a more honest, down-to-earth person to work on your Mac. Robin went above and beyond to sort out my Mac, and I would have no hesitation in sending anyone with any Mac issues to see him. Thank you so much for spending so much time on sorting out my machine Robin, and for getting it back on track.

What will my Mac repair cost?

You'll get a fixed price quote for your repair

Labour is from £95 to a maximum of £125.
Diagnosis only is £75 (not chargeable if you have your Mac repaired)
There is no VAT payable.

Diagnosis isn't expensive

If you decide not to go ahead with a repair there is just a diagnosis and call-out fee of £75.

Peter Ager Ipswich

Very professional and friendly, helpful service...

Just fired up the Big Mac (2007 iMac) after a major upgrade of ram and hard drive. Delighted with with the outcome. Great service at a reasonable price. Robin could have encouraged me to spend more on the ram but advised that it wouldn't be cost effective. Very professional and friendly, helpful service. Will certainly be my first choice for any Apple problems in future.

I'm guessing you'd like your Mac repaired as soon as possible

The quickest way to get your Mac repaired

Make an appointment and you can drop your Mac off in Felixstowe. I will look at it that day and hopefully have it fixed within a day.

Nothing is sent away for repair

Unlike the competition - who are likely to send your Mac away for 5-7 days - your Mac will be repaired on site if feasible. If not I will return with it in 1-2 days.

Pete McCarthy  Ipswich

I was really impressed with the friendly, professional approach taken...

I contacted Robin a week ago, to talk through the options for upgrading both mine and my son's Macbook Pro's. Robin outlined the best options, with clear and accurate advice with regard to both cost and performance. Having decided to go ahead, I dropped the machines off at his workshop, where once again I was really impressed with the friendly, professional approach taken. I had both MacBooks back in half a day, and am completely happy with the difference the upgrades have made. My 4 year old computers are better than new, at a fraction of the cost I was considering when I thought about replacing them. Many thanks Robin, a really great job, well done.


Here are answers to some common questions about my Mac repair service:

How long will my repair take?

How much will the repair cost?

How can I pay for my repair?

Is there a guarantee on the repair?

Will my data be safe?

When are you open?

Mac repair and support in Felixstowe.

by Ian Rowlands on Orwell Computers
From: Incredible Oceans

My 2009 iMac now feels like a new machine - why didn't I contact Robin earlier? Super-fast, straight-forward and super-friendly service, and I now have a fast, ... Continue reading.........

by J & J on Orwell Computers
From: Hadleigh

We received an immediate response to our plea for help. Our questions were answered in a manner that those of us with only basic technical knowledge can relate ... Continue reading.........

Solve Mac frustrations

Fed up with the spinning beachball of despair or a Mac that takes forever to start? I can make all this go away and put a smile back on your face.

  • Speed up your Mac
  • OS X upgrade problems
  • Start up issues
  • Time Machine backup help
  • Migration & data recovery

Make your Mac faster

Give your Mac a speed boost that will make it run faster than new. Upgrading hardware on older Macs will increase speed dramatically. 

  • Increase hard drive size
  • RAM increase
  • Operating system upgrade
  • Additional hard drives
  • Solid state drive (SSD) upgrade

Fix broken hardware

I can repair the vast majority of iMac hardware issues and some on MacBooks.

  • Hard drive replacement (iMac & MacBook)
  • Fan replacement
  • Charging socket replacement
  • Trackpad replacement
  • Charging & battery faults